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Necklace and pendant from Tutankhamun’s tomb, 18th dynasty

CHIMES  |  ( listen )

Sounds to lull you into sleep. A mix for the restless dreamers and sleepers, for heavy hearts and solemn bodies. 

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I am a damsel but I am not in distress (ispired by this)


Nina Ricci F/W 2012


We were worried they wouldn’t get along

Chanel spring 2006 couture details

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Christian Dior Haute Couture ateliers

/look no. 5 from Spring Summer 2011 collection

1. step: the coat is made from white canvas to show the proportions and silhouette (it is done by a ‘modéliste’)

2. step: client tries on the mock-up to see how it fits 

3. step: designer chooses fabrics, colours and embroidery (The fabrics used in Haute Couture are the most luxurious and most expensive ones)

4. step: each part of the coat is cut (There are two ateliers, one for tailoring: Atelier tailleur and one for the dresses: Atelier flou. Each one has its own head seamstress called Première. At Atelier tailleur it is madame Monique, at Atelier flou it is madame Florence

5. step: the embroidery is done in special ateliers in Paris (maison Hurel, maison Lesage)

6. step: fabric is pleated in special ateliers in Paris (ateliers Logon)

7. step: seamstresses assemble the coat (there are many people involved in making one piece, everything is sewn by hand in Paris ateliers)

8. step: the coat is ironed (it is actually ironed after any manipulation or sewing)

9. step: the coat is tagged (it is the final step, and it means, that the piece is ready for the client)

10. step: the coat is delivered to the client… (this is actually where its story begins)

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Harry Potter Creatures

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